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Commercial Exterior LED Lighting Retrofit: Efficient Lighting at a Better Cost

According to a recent study, wasted energy levels for outdoor lighting is often between 60-70 percent. This wastage is usually the result of unneeded lighting and over-lit designs. If you’re like most organizations who are still relying on traditional lighting, a commercial exterior LED lighting retrofit can be a great way to improve the efficiency…
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LED Lighting in Hospitals: A Vital Way to Control Your Environment

In today’s medical facilities, clear and effective lighting means a better working environment so that health professionals can provide the best possible care. LED lighting in hospitals provides superior control, efficiency, and reliability with your lighting and environment. But there is more about LED lighting that makes an LED retrofit an ideal next step when…
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Office Lighting Design: LED Solutions for Your Space

Effective office lighting design involves creating an efficient lighting plan for your space. An office LED lighting retrofit can help to increase energy efficiency, improve lighting quality and ultimately reduce your lighting expenditure month over month. (more…)
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LED Lighting Retrofit: Your Key to Savings in 2017

With a new year comes an examination of your company’s bottom line. If you’ve noticed that your company is spending more on lighting than it needs to—both in terms of energy and maintenance—then it might be time for an LED lighting retrofit. With the proper application and installation of LED lighting, you can recoup costs…
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Commercial LED Lighting Design Basics

Why is LED lighting more efficient than traditional fixtures—and how can it be used to reduce overall energy needs? These questions get to the heart of what makes an LED lighting retrofit an important solution for any commercial space. When you read through LED lighting design basics, you come to understand how these fixtures provide…
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