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The Fallacy of Break-Evens

The most common theme we hear when proposing new LED lighting projects is that the prospective customer must realize a two-year or under break-even in order to get internal funding for the project. While our clients understand the numerous benefits of converting to LED -- lower energy bills, increased productivity of workers, better visual appearance,…
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Mid-project BEFORE/AFTER!

We love this shot that shows one of our recent installs in the MIDDLE of the project. What a difference good lighting can make. Not to mention we are saving them 80% on the cost of their lighting and they now have smart sensors that dim the lights when no one is around.
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WHITEPAPER – Competitive Analysis: Color Rendering in White Light

This study compares the color rendition characteristics of the three most common commercial lighting technologies; HID (high-pressure sodium and metal halide), fluorescent, and solid state. Providing a comparison between measured and perceived color, the consumer of commercial lighting will better understand how their spaces will appear, specifically how colors will look under each of the…
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