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Mid-project BEFORE/AFTER!

We love this shot that shows one of our recent installs in the MIDDLE of the project. What a difference good lighting can make. Not to mention we are saving them 80% on the cost of their lighting and they now have smart sensors that dim the lights when no one is around.
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WHITEPAPER – Competitive Analysis: Color Rendering in White Light

This study compares the color rendition characteristics of the three most common commercial lighting technologies; HID (high-pressure sodium and metal halide), fluorescent, and solid state. Providing a comparison between measured and perceived color, the consumer of commercial lighting will better understand how their spaces will appear, specifically how colors will look under each of the…
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Heat and its Impact on Outdoor Lighting

One of the main issues we talk to our clients about is how heat impacts long-term LED performance. Most of the time we bring this up in the context of interior industrial lighting but for clients in the Southern and Western parts of the country, where outdoor temperatures can be sustained above 80 degrees during…
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