Utility Audits

Realize Additional Energy Savings

Lowering monthly energy expenses is a major factor in the decision for many companies to switch to LED lighting. As part of our consultancy process, SIB Lighting offers commercial utility audits as a service to help companies uncover opportunities to save even more on their energy bills month over month.

A commercial utility audit can be a great way to reduce your electricity expenses. SIB Lighting experts have years of experience in this area. We will identify if there is any wastage and help you uncover opportunities to save without any disruption to your service.

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Did You Know?

  • Efficacy (lumens/watt) varies dramatically between manufacturers. The higher the efficacy, the higher the savings
  • Most warranties are longer than the age of the manufacturer
  • The number of qualified products on the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) list grows by 50% a year
  • Most LED products have an .ies file which is used in photo-metric analysis to model what a space will look like after install