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Prioritize photometrics in outdoor lighting retrofits

Outdoor LED lighting projects demand special considerations for visual acuity, uniformity, and environmental friendliness, and one-for-one replacement is not a given. DAVID ETZLER, President of SIB Lighting, provides tips on photometrics for outdoor lighting design that, properly applied, will ensure customer satisfaction with the end results.

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Lighting as a Service: New Tool or Old Saw?

“The majority of our deals are lighting redesigns,” Etzler said. “Our customers are mostly mid-market manufacturing firms, and their infrastructure is maybe 20, 30+ years old. They’ve moved things around so much that it’s not just about one-for-one replacement anymore. Now it’s about how do we really make this system better.” Because SIB’s LaaS contracts usually include maintenance over 10 years, quality materials with minimal warranty issues are vital. 


Lighting as a Service: A Zero-Cost Option for LED Retrofits

(AUGUST 17, 2015 | BY DAVID ETZLER)  As technology for LED lighting continues to improve, it is expected that LED lighting -- which is more energy efficient, lasts longer and has a significantly lower cost of operation -- will completely replace traditional fluorescent and HID lighting technologies.  


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SIB Lighting: Lighting-as-a-Service Ideal for Businesses Looking to go Green

July 23, 2015 — With the final phase of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) now complete and incandescent lighting on the decline, many business are switching over to LED bulbs that can save upwards of 80 percent of the electricity costs compared to traditional bulbs. 


SIB Lighting Offers Lighting as a Service

(Venues Today - July 29, 2015) - SIB offers LED without the upfront cost. SIB Lighting removes the need for capital expenditures by providing lighting as a service for a monthly fee. 

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Charleston cost-cutting consulting firm acquires Florida lighting business

June 29, 2015 - A Charleston firm that helps companies, schools and government agencies lower their energy bills and other fixed expenses has acquired a lighting business.


SIB Development & Consulting Acquires HOA Energy Advisors, Launches SIB Lighting

CHARLESTON, SC--(Marketwired - June 29, 2015) - SIB Development & Consulting, a Charleston-based cost reduction consulting firm, announced today that it has acquired HOA Energy Advisors, a Florida-based company specializing in energy-efficient lighting products and installations. The company will now be known as SIB Lighting, and will operate as a subsidiary of SIB.