Increase Profit

Save money on your energy bills. We target a savings of 50 - 85% on the lighting portion of your energy bill.


Eliminate ongoing maintenance for your lighting. Free yourself from bucket trucks and contractor invoices.


Improve the overall lighting environment of your facility. We can usually improve lighting levels by at least 200%.


Control your lighting so you can maximize savings and increase productivity.

Be Green

Reduce your companies carbon footprint and boast your support for a greener environment.

Lighting As A Service

Zero out of pocket or maintenance costs for the life of your contract!


  • QST

    "To top it off, we were able to pay for 38% of the project using the rebates we received for installing green LED lighting.  We'll break even on this project in just over a year and a half and we expect to save $309,000 in lighting-related energy costs over the…

    Jeff Carlevato, QST Industries, Inc.
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  • Westbriar Condominium

    "We are now enjoying brighter, more inviting parking areas with a 62 percent reduction in annual lighting-related energy costs – nearly $35,000 a year. We recommend SIB Lighting to anyone looking to improve their property and save money at the same time."

    Jeffrey Randorf, Westbriar Board of Directors
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  • Ziff Properties

    "After working with SIB Lighting on a complete lighting package analysis and conversion project throughout an entire seven story parking garage, I would like to recommend them to my peers in the ownership, design and property management industry."

    Michael Mansson, Ziff Properties, Inc.
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  • Veranda at Plantation Condominium

    "The garage achieved a significant improvement in light levels and maintenance has been eliminated. SIB Lighting also replaced the inefficient small flood lights in our lobby. The project has saved us over 60% on our lighting costs."

    John Sims, Veranda at Plantation Condominium
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  • Slade Condominium

    "We are extremely pleased with the results of the project and enthusiastically recommend SIB Lighting with David Etzler to any business that wants to improve their lighting and reduce energy expenses."

    Leslie Bassat, Slade Condominium
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  • City Garage

    "SIB helped retrofit and replace all of our inefficient light fixtures for 4 locations with LED strip kits and wall packs.  Light levels were improved significantly and energy consumption was reduced by approximately 33%."

    Scott Morrison, Founder/President, City Garage
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  • CBCC

    "We calculated that we were losing $1,655 in monthly opportunity costs from excessive energy usage before the upgrade, so it made sense to install these new lights as soon as possible, and we're glad we chose SIB Lighting to do so."

    Neil Langton, Community Blood Center of the Carolinas
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